[FONT=Simplified Arabic]أجمل الصور لشهر يناير 2011 بعدسة ناشيونال جرافيك [/FONT]

[FONT=Simplified Arabic]أعضاء قروب يوسف ، اسعد الله أوقاتكم بكل خير .. عودتكم في نهاية كل شهر ان اطل عليكم بباقة منوعة [/FONT]

[FONT=Simplified Arabic] لأجمل الصور ، وفي هذه الرساله أجمل الصور لشهر يناير 2011 بعدسة ناشيونال جرافيك [/FONT]

[FONT=Simplified Arabic]اتمنى ان ترتقي هذه المشاركة لذائقتكم ، ولا تبخلوا علي بتعليقاتكم


[FONT=Simplified Arabic] مشاهدة ممتعه [/FONT]

Southern Masked Weaver

Photograph by Jiri Slama, It was a priceless opportunity to watch these amazing builders constructing their homes

Port Orford, Oregon

Photograph by Randall Scholten, A quaint and cozy little seafood restaurant on the commercial dock in Port Orford, Oregon, is all decked out for the holidays in this photo taken at first light.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Photograph by Chris Button. Passing beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge during a heavy dust storm

Lake of Zug, Switzerland

Photograph by Ingo Meckmann, A snow-covered dock at the Lake of Zug in central Switzerland right before sunrise

Little Owl, Spain

Photograph by Andres Lopez, Your Shot. A little owl at dusk, a day in the warm summer of central Spain

Sanur Beach, Bali

Photograph by Tan Kiki Rustandar. Beautiful sunrise over Sanur Beach, Bali

Point Mugu, California

Photograph by Garret Suhrie. At Point Mugu, near Malibu, California. A self-portrait while shooting

Timber Wolves

Photograph by Jacqueline Crivelleo. The secret behaviors of the timber wolves revealed in this photograph ascribe almost human attributes within the realm of affection and offerings of familial respect.

Cotton Grass, Iceland

Photograph by Jennifer Jesse. This photograph was taken in July of 2010 while hiking in a region of Iceland called Landmannalaugar.

Ginza, Tokyo

Photograph by Navid Baraty. A rainy business day during the lunch hour in Ginza, Tokyo

South Haven, Michigan

Photograph by Charlie Anderson. This was taken after the first winter storm in December. South Haven, Michigan.

Chinatown, New York

Photograph by Matthew Goddard-Jones. Reflections on the road after a wet afternoon. Chinatown, New York.

Sayulita, Mexico

Photograph by Ashley Gordon. In January, when much of the Northern Hemisphere is huddled down in the cold winter, the small bohemian surf town of Sayulita, Mexico

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Photograph by Sasza Lohrey. Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, at night

National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

Photograph by Troy Lim. The gorgeous sunrise, wind direction, and snow geese

Beech Forest, Germany

Photograph by Martin Hertel. Beech forest in wintertime. Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria, Germany.

Soccer, Barcelona

Photograph by Oriol Tarridas. Players, who are enjoying a game in a stubborn field that found its place in the midst of the dense city of Barcelona.

Tjøme, Norway

Photograph by Audun Wigen. This picture is from a place called “the world’s end,” Tjøme in Norway. The temperature was minus 12º Celsius, freezing cold.

Peak District, England

Photograph by Steve Roche. Amazing light before a summer storm in the Peak District

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photograph by Dario Teich. A sense of scale of the Eiffel Tower

صور الاعلان